Versatile Artist Jan Howden-Paul

Her expressions of life can be calm, lively, exciting, and colorful. She chooses from a wide spectrum of subject matter including, people, animals, flowers, land, and sea; while creating in realism and expressionism. Watercolors, Oils, and Acrylics are her preferred mediums. Venues that Jan has been involved in are Canadian Finals Pro Rodeo Gallery, Calgary Stampede Showcase, Red Deer Museum, Lacombe Art Show and many others. Corporate collectors include Canadian Rodeo Hall of Fame Ponoka, City of Spruce Grove/Melcor Developments Municipal Art Collection, and Edmonton Atco, and Wipro I-Tek.

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  1. Calla Lilly
    Calla Lilly
  2. Calla Lilly Bouquet
    Calla Lilly Bouquet
  3. Daisies For You
    Daisies For You
  4. Hibiscus For Sis
    Hibiscus For Sis
  5. Irises In Color
    Irises In Color
  6. Raging Inlet
    Raging Inlet
  7. Hot Day In Sunflower Patch
    Hot Day In Sunflower Patch
  8. Pansy Haven
    Pansy Haven
  9. Sunflower Trio
    Sunflower Trio
  10. End of Road
    End of Road
  11. North Shore Cerritos
    North Shore Cerritos
Back drop leading into Lionel Lustgarten's Waterfall Garden
Red Deer, Alberta
Acrylic     ​6 x 16 feet

Florals & Scapes
Canvas Prints available   (contact for details)
Art by​ Jan Howden-Paul